OV Kaart - Veelgestelde vragen (EN)

The Public Transport Chip Card (Dutch: OV kaart) is a pre-paid card that gives you the opportunity to use public transport (Train/Bus/Metro/Tram) in the Netherlands.

The price of a standard (empty) card without any credit is €8,00
Before you start travelling you need to load balance on your OV-chipkaart. You need to check in and check out, when travelling, also when you have to change. Sometimes the card reader is in the bus or the tram, and sometimes on the platform.


As a service we offer you pre-paid cards online. We will only charge € 1,95 to upgrade your card for you. (as this is done by the official website for the OV-Kaart in the Netherlands)
If you need to go by train, the minimum amount that has to be on the card is €20
If you only travel by bus, you can start with a €10 card.

Every person that is using public transport needs to have a chip card! Children from the age of 12 are considered Adults. For children under 12 you can buy a ticket with a discount, but you can only buy this at the train station or at one of the machines near a train station. We can not offer you these tickets.

Can I pay Cash in the bus or train? 
It's not possible to pay cash in the bus or train. You might be able to use your bankcard or credit card in the bus to buy a ticket, but this depends on the type of card you have. If the card is not accepted you won't be able to use public transport. So to save you a lot of stress we suggest you use the Chip Card that we offer. (By the way: Novus Internet Shopping is not making any money by offering this service. We just want to help you.)

Can I use my Credit Card to pay for the public Transport?
Yes, you can use your credit card or bank card to buy a bus ticket in the bus, but that ticket is usually only valid for your ride in that bus.  Do you need to transfer to get to your final destination? Ask the bus driver if your ticket is good to use when you need to transfer. If not, you will have to buy a new ticket.

Is there an App I can download and use? 
There is an App called Tranzer.  With Tranzer you can buy tickets in-app for public transport or easily book a taxi. Tranzer can be downloaded for free via iOS and Android. More info? Visit the Tranzer website: https://www.tranzer.com/

Do my children also need a Chip card?
Yes. All children from the age of 4 need a Chip Card. It's not possible to get a discount if you don't have a personal chip card. A personal Chip Card can be ordered online, but there is not enough time for WIDA dancers to order one.

How to order the Public Transport Chip Card at Novus?
1) Go to https://www.novusfumus.com/en/public-transport-chip-card-wida.html and select the pre-paid amount that you expect to use during the Worlds. NOTE: A trip to Eindhoven and back will cost you about € 5,20 per person. So if you plan to visit Eindhoven you have to buy a €10 upgrade. This will cost you € 8 for the card + €10 upgrade + €1,95 service & handling = € 19,95


2) Click on the green "Add to cart" button to put the card in your shopping cart. Your product is now added to your shopping cart.

3) Click on the shopping cart icon in the top right of your screen. This wil show you the items in your cart. Dont' worry about the shipping cost. With the code "WIDA-OV" that we will use later the shipping cost will be deleted.

4) Click on the orange button "To Checkout" to continue the checkout process


5) Complete all the steps:
• Enter you personal details such as name, date of birth etc.
• Select the Shipping method (We will fix this later during the checkout, you won't have to pay any shipping)
• Select your payment method (nothing will happen at this moment)
• Enter the discount code: WIDA-OV in the box "Discount code" and click "Apply". This will remove the shipping cost.


6) Don't forget to check the last checkbox "By clicking Buy, I acknowledge that I have an obligation to pay for this item and agree with the general terms & conditions."


7) Finally click on the "Buy" button. You will now be re-directed to the payment screen where you can finish the payment process.


You will receive an order confirmation once we received your order. It's important that you take this with you (or write down the ordernumber). You can pickup your Chip Card in the Venue starting on Wednesday evening. Don't forget to show your order confirmation!

More questions? Please contact Willy van Knippenberg via +31637663273 or email willy@novusfumus.nl

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