How to use the iQOS 3 Duo

  • Remove the holder from the charging case.
  • Place the HEETS (tobacco stick) on the top of the IQOS. The tobacco must be placed with the bottom in the holder.
  • Press and hold the switch until the LED starts flashing.
  • Now release the switch and wait until the IQOS vibrates and the LED light is on continuously. The heating element of the IQOS is now heating the tobacco.
  • Now the user can start using the HEETS. This can be done for 6 minutes or 14 puffs. The IQOS will vibrate when there are two puffs left.
  • After use, the cap of the holder must first be pulled up and then the HEETS tobacco stick can be removed from the IQOS.
  • After use, the holder must be placed back in the charging case. This is where the holder's battery is recharged.

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