Difference between iQOS and e-cigarettes

There are two alternatives to the injured cigarette: Products that heat real tobacco such as the IQOS, also known as 'heat-not-burn' products, and e-cigarettes.

IQOS: Product that heats tobacco as an alternative to smoking:
The IQOS heats tobacco instead of burning the tobacco. This 'heat-not-burn' device is a smoke-free alternative to the cigarette. Tobacco heating devices may use specially prepared tobacco rolled into sticks. The HEETS are then placed in the device where innovative technologies heat the tobacco to a specific temperature that never becomes high enough to cause the tobacco to burn. As with e-cigarettes, there is no combustion and there is no smoke. The IQOS, contains a heating element made of ceramic, gold and platinum. A HEETS tobacco stick is applied directly to the heating element, after which the heating element heats the tobacco directly from the core. In this way the tobacco is heated first, for a consistent taste and experience.

E-cigarettes as an alternative to smoking:
E-cigarettes are another kind of alternative to smoking, they contain no real tobacco. They are electronic products that vaporize e-liquids at a low temperature. Most e-cigarettes use a system called a 'wick & coil' where a wick draws up the e-liquid, which contains flavors and nicotine. The liquid ends up on a spiral heating element and is heated. This creates a vapor. The vapor is inhaled through a mouthpiece. The process is smoke-free.
E-cigarettes are also sometimes referred to as "vapes" or "vape devices." Some of them feature a fully customizable open tank system. Other e-cigarettes feature a closed, single-use, rechargeable, or cartridge system.

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