Fire Art Fire Extinguishers

Is the Fire-Art design extinguisher different from a normal fire extinguisher?
The Fire-Art design extinguisher has a beautiful design. Furthermore, the design extinguisher is exactly the same as a normal fire extinguisher.

How long can a Fire-Art design extinguisher be kept?
Just like a normal fire extinguisher, a Fire-Art design extinguisher has a shelf life of ten years.

Does the Fire-Art design extinguisher comply with the regulations?
Fire-Art design extinguishers comply with the standard EG 0029 and are technically produced according to the European standard EN 3-8, which applies to this type of fire extinguisher.

Can a Fire-Art design extinguisher legally replace an ordinary fire extinguisher?
The Fire-Art design extinguishers are just as efficient as normal fire extinguishers and are ideally suited for private use in and around the house and garden. Where the normal fire extinguisher is required by law (public buildings, companies, vehicles, etc.), the normal fire extinguisher cannot be replaced by a Fire-Art design extinguisher. In those cases, the red color is mandatory because the fire extinguisher must be recognizable to everyone. As long as a normal fire extinguisher is present in these spaces you can of course add a Fire-Art design extinguisher.

For which fires can the Fire-Art design extinguisher be used?
A (solid objects made of organic material: wood, paper, textile, PVC, tapes, etc.)
B (liquids or materials that can melt: oils, fats, paint, gasoline, varnish, etc.)
C (gases: propane, hydrogen and the like).

How long is the technical guarantee on a Fire-Art design extinguisher?
All Fire-Art design extinguishers have a 5-year warranty.

How does that guarantee work?
If you notice that the pressure meter is no longer in green, you send us your Fire-Art design extinguisher, together with the dated proof of purchase. We check the device and / or repair it and then send it back to you.

What is the delivery time of a Fire-Art design extinguisher?
You will receive your Fire-Art design extinguisher within 5 working days. If the Fire-Art design extinguisher you ordered is not in stock, you will receive a message from us about the expected delivery time.

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