Kambukku Elton Instructions

Usage recommendation

• Suitable for cold beverages.
• Universal lid. Fits any Kambukka body. All of our Kambukka lids are interchangeable however for optimal use we recommend you match the lids to the original bodies.
• 1 Do not overfill. Fill liquid maximum up to the shoulder.
• 2 Prior to drinking, check to ensure the lid is properly threaded to the body and screwed down completely. • Avoid accidental pressing of your drinking button by putting it in locked position when carrying around or putting in a bag.
• 3 Do not microwave and do not freeze.

Cleaning instructions

• Wash all parts with soapy water before first use.
• This bottle is dishwasher safe.
• 4 Lid: put the slider in the closed position. Pinch to remove the SNAPCLEAN® mechanism for easy cleaning.
• 5 After cleaning, place the mechanism back in the lid. Press the protruding parts down with your thumbs until you hear a click.
• Always store with lid removed.
• Replacement lids are available on our website.

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