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Can I return a product?

Are you not satisfied with your order? When you send us an email within the 30 days cooling off period after receiving your product, you return your order for free. Are you a busy person? Don’t worry. We give you another 7 days after your email. Please send the order back in the original packaging and of course when it’ s not used. We still allow you to check the product like you would do in a shop.

For example: get your new e-cig out of the box, check him from all sides, but don’t use it to Vape.

We won’t let you sit in the cold when the product has been used a bit too much. You will get 75% back of what you paid us.

Novus Fumus retouren

Important Notice When Returning a LocTote Bag: Do you want to return a LocTote backpack? No problem, but make sure that you set the included code lock to the default number combination 0-0-0. Have you forgotten this? Then we will neatly ask what combination you have used. If we fail to open the lock then we will refund 75% of the total purchase amount.


Some products cannot be returned. We assume you understand that you cannot return the following:

• E-Liquid, coils, and cartomizers with a broken seal;
• Vouchers.

Please get in touch if you are not sure whether you can return a product or not.



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