Purchasing an E-cigarette online

Do you want to buy an e-cigarette? You enjoy many benefits from smoking the electronic way. The vapour of an e-cig is not harmful for you and your surroundings and the coloured teeth and fingers belong to the past. Replacing a cigarette for an e-cig is a healthy choice. Quitting smoking turns a whole lot easier by buying an e-cigarette. The chances of failure are much slimmer the e-cigarette way compared to quitting cold turkey. No harmful substances are released by smoking an e-cig, actually you do not smoke but you vape. There is an liquid inside of the e-cigarette which is heated until boiling point so actually nothing is being burned. An e-cig may contain nicotine but the user is completely in charge of his intake. There are even liquids available without nicotine.

E-cigarette for beginning and advanced vapours

Normally, you always begin by buying an e-cigarette Starter Kit if you want to change from smoking ordinary cigarettes to e-cigs. You find everything you need in the Starter Kit to become familiar with vaping; from a charger to a bottle of e-liquid. These e-cigarettes mostly are small, compacts and easy to use. Perfect if you do not have experience with electronic smoking yet. You do not know which e-cigs fits you best? We recommend the beginning e-smoker to opt for a Sensations e-cigarette or an edition of the GreenSmoke Compatible. Advanced e-smokers choose Aspire, Joyetech en Vaporesso.

You also want to quit smoking with the help of an e-cig? Order your e-cigarette today at Novus Fumus. We will take care of delivering your e-cig the very next day (if ordered before 5 PM).

Link to our online shop: https://www.novusfumus.nl

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