CBD and insomnia

Cannabidiol can have a big effect on sleep problems. Many people who suffer from insomnia use medication.
And often these drugs are addictive and not very beneficial to health. Every Cannabis plant has different properties.

In general, the Indica's are better to use against sleep problems. Indica has an anesthetic and relaxing effect on the body. In addition, Indica's generally contain more CBD. CBD ensures that, at higher doses, falling asleep is speeded up. We recommend applying a slightly higher percentage, for example 7% or 10%.

The best option can be chosen for an indica that is already a bit older. This is because more CBN is found in older weed. CBN is the cannabinoid that induces a drowsy sensation.

Sleep cycle
Cannabis significantly increases the deep third sleep phase and reduces the duration of REM sleep we experience. The third sleep phase would be the most important phase for those who suffer from a sleep disorder. REM sleep is the light sleep during which we dream. As a result of reduced REM sleep, people who use cannabis as a sleeping aid often experience dreamless sleep.

A shorter period of REM sleep has been associated with improved memory and a reduction in symptoms of depression. However, it is worth mentioning that in fact not much is known about REM sleep and what triggers this sleep. That is why caution should always be exercised, because by shortening the duration of REM sleep, you will come across unknown research in terms of scientific research.

How to consume
The best way to consume a CBD oil is around 7% to 10%. Make sure that the oil is taken twice a day and before sleeping use a little more drops to get better sleep. For this problem we have developed a special Sleepwell tea infused with Industrial hemp rich in Cannabidiol (CBD).

Take 1 cup of Sleepwell tea 30 minutes before bedtime and 2 extra drops of cannabidiol oil just before sleeping. The sleep cycle is improved in a natural way.

(source: http://www.landracercbdsolutions.com/)

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