How can I order a product?

Ordering something online does not have to be complicated. Ordering something at Novus Fumus is in any case fast and easy to do. Within a few steps you decide for yourself what you want, how you want to pay for it, and when you want to receive the package.

Step 1: Select the product that you would like to buy

Place the product in your shopping cart by pressing the green order button.

Step 2: Shopping Cart

No longer know where you left your shopping cart? Always annoying. This may happen to you in the supermarket regularly, but not with Novus Fumus. No matter where you are in our shop, you will always find your shopping cart at the top right of the page. Once your shopping cart is opened, you can see which products your order consists of.

Step 3: Log in

Do you already have your own Novus Fumus account? Sign up here.
You can also create a new account here.
Don't have a Novus Fumus account yet? No problem. You don't need an account to complete the order, just continue as "guest".

Step 4: Address details

Where can we send the order to? Enter your personal and address details here.

Step 5: Payment method

Select the payment method of your preference here.

Step 6: Overview

Check again for the last time if ...

... your address details are correct.
... you have ordered the right products.
... you have ordered the right amount.
... you have selected the correct payment method.

Everything okay? Then it's time to pay

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